Friday, January 14, 2011

Hard vs Soft Water (Hair & Skin Health)

Getting to the bottom of why some products I use (not just hair products) doesnt seem to be quite affective have lead me on the fact finding mission about water properties and how good quality water benefits us in MANY ways. I have read about HARD water and how it can cause build-up on your hair, and cause some of your products not to work as effectively, so in searching for a good shower filter here is some info I came across that can be beneficial to us all on the hair journey, AND save us some money in the process.

For this blog purpose I have highlighted the statements that are hair related


What is Hard water?
“Hard” water contains large amounts of dissolved calcium and magnesium. On the other hand, “Soft” water is water that contains small amounts of calcium and magnesium. One of the primary disadvantages to hard water and the reason it is described as, “hard,“ is more soap, detergent, shampoo, and/or cleanser, is required to get whatever you are washing clean. It is literally, harder to get anything clean with hard water. Hard water builds up scale on the inside of water pipes eventually reducing the flow. Hard water coats your water heater element greatly increasing the cost of heating water. 

Hardness is measured in parts per million (p.p.m.) or grains per gallon (g.p.m.). 21 parts per million or 3 grains per gallon, is considered “hard” water and with each increasing grain, hard water challenges are increased 10 fold.

My water is “Hard.” Why should I care?
For watering your lawn, cleaning our streets, irrigating crops, and many other uses, hard water rarely a challenge. However, for bathing, washing dishes and clothes, shaving, washing your car and many other uses “soft” water is far more efficient, effective and convenient than “hard” water.

Soft water:
Saves you money in several ways;
·       By improving cleaning efficiency up to 250%.
·       It saves on shampoo, cleansers, soaps, and detergents.
·       Your clothes colors stay brighter and last much longer.
  1. Soft water and your favorite soap create gentle suds that help give your skin and complexion the smooth, fresh look of health and beauty. When you shower in soft water that temporary “oily” feeling is caused by your natural body oils. This is how your body feels when it is truly clean. The “squeaky clean” feeling we get from showering in hard water is caused by a layer of calcium and magnesium that remains on your skin, even after rinsing. In reality, we are “squeaky dirty.” Hard water minerals clog your pores and coat every hair on your body. This “crud” can serve as a home for bacteria, cause diaper rash, minor skin irritation and itchy skin. Does your scalp itch. . .
  2.  Soft water leaves your skin (your largest organ) free to breathe and your hair bright, soft and easier to manage. Razor blades cut closer and stay sharper without the hardness to dull them.
  3. When hard water is heated, the minerals create a scale that can eventually plug your hot water pipes and water heater, causing premature failure, necessitating costly replacement. With soft water your water heaters will use 21 to 29% less energy to heat the water. Tip: Draining/flushing your water heater once a year helps reduce the build up of hard water minerals.
  4. For many commercial and industrial uses, the hard water minerals interfere with various processes, causing inferior product production.

You can read this link: Natural Health Techniques for more infomation on what can be done to check if you have hard water and what can remedy it. Which brings me to this next pic. Check it to see where your state falls on regions prone to hard water.

 My state of Ohio and my home state of Michigan are two states that are prone to hard water. UGH!! No wonder I;s a recovering product junkie(PJ). Nothing has been working to its full potential, PLUS the added calcium and magnesium deposits has been causing hard, brittle feeling hair. Not to ention, we spend a TON on detergent for clothes washing. Im not happy until I see some major sud action going on....SMH what a waste. Damn hard water......
Anywho, I mention in one of my original postig that I had my fingers crossed for a shower filter for Christmas, but I didnt get it!! BOOOO!!!! Nah, Im not complaining tho, I got a nice lil laptop that made for forget all about that shower filter, but I DO NEED IT, ASAP!!!
Here's two I had me eye on:

Im going to continue to price shop, these things are expensive. I had one before I moved here to OH, but forget to take it with me before I moved. These healthy hair business can get expensive if your not careful. So in the meantime I'm still boiling water once a week on hair wash day***pouting*** I know this is pretty much done in vain being that boiling water can NOT remove all the impurities. From what Ive researched, calcium is the only likely substance to be removed during boiling.
I'll take what I can get for now**shoulder hunch**

Once again, I hope this information will be helpful on your natural hair journey, and thanks for reading!


  1. Drinking Water Filtration
    We have Hard water down here in Florida, I though since moving into a more metropolitan area We do have county water instead of a well and that has reduced the amount of Iron we have to deal with. I guess that I will have to wait and see what happens !

  2. Wow, I didn't realize that hard water could be so damaging! We live in an area with pretty hard water. I will look into getting a water softener! It would be nice to not have to use as much shampoo.